Our Method

Let's enjoy together a pie.ce of heaven!

I am Debbie, an enthusiastic, creative, experienced and committed to quality, Head Chef from Greece where food is an essential part of life and brings families and strangers together. Having worked for numerous restaurants at the most posh areas of Athens and developed my very own unique recipes, I am inviting you to enjoy a pie of my heaven!

I am not cooking. Instead I create memories with love, my secret ingredient that I am using since I was helping my mother at her kitchen. Since then I have expanded both my knowledge and my skills to the highest standards so you can rest assured about everything that you would like to order from my kitchen. What would you like to be your next destination to culinary pleasure? 

Work experience

Manchester: Alchemist, Carluccio's, Hawksmoor
Greece: Hellenic Houses of Parliament, Kallisti, Palermo, Charamis Palace, S'Cape, Pritanio, Precieux, Hotel Capsis Resort

A small taste of my pieces...
Pies from every part of Greece, traditional recipes, street food with a twist, Mediterranean recipes, classic recipes that reminds you your last visit in my sunny country